What’s the Hilton Team Member Journey Plan?


hilton_logoThe Hilton Team Member Journey System is a rewards system for Hilton workers to book rooms with discounts. The plan is open to its subsidiary companies or all regular full time and part time workers. It’s possible for you to join the plan on the internet, and begin appreciating the advantages immediately.



    1. You must have a personal computer with access to the internet. 2. You could simply make use of the software for leisure journeys.

Step By Step Guide

    1. See the Hilton Team Member Journey Software web site (associated link 1 below), click the button marked “Start Here!” 2. Enter advice of your work place as. 3. Look for available hotels using the place and dates that meet your demand. 4. Compare room detail that is accessible, decide on the one you enjoy the best. 5. Enter billing info and your individual info, allow the room you decide. 6. Go at your work place to the Human Resources Department, request a signed Journey Passport. Bring the passport for checkin at your hotel that is reserved.

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