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game_stop, gameyou been a lover of PSP games, PS, or computer? Maybe you have purchased games? If either answer is “yes,”, you shouldn’t lose the opportunity for winning a sweepstakes for prizes that are great, and supplying your reviews on GameStop, including PS3 Games $500 GameStop Gift Card, and much more.

With this particular survey, GameStop expects to create comments on service and their products, and GameStop will greatly values all of the reviews given by the participants as propositions for their additional developments.

The survey may be completed within 5 minutes, after which each of the players get various presents from GameStop and can get a possibility of winning a sweepstakes.



    1. You retained the reception and should have purchased something. 2. You should have a personal computer and secure internet connection.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Buy something and retain the receipt. 2. Complete city and the state where you stand from, and enter associate number as well as the store number. 3. Answer most of the questions according to your own shopping encounter at GameStop as instructed. 4. Click “Finish”, make additional contact information in the event you win the sweepstakes.

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