State Employees’ Credit Union


employeesState Employees’ Credit Union membership lets you benefit from the financial services provided by the State Employees’ Credit Union, including experiencing quite low rates and additional members and handling your account-only services.

If you want to turn into an associate of State Employees’ Credit Union, then you may get all the same financial services at much better rates and more advantageous states, although you normally get from a financial institution.

They can allow you to finance insurance policy, auto-loan or the proper mortgage. You’re additionally considered somewhat a holder of the Union since a credit union is a not-for-profit organization, when you become a member.

The State Employees’ Credit Union is the 2nd largest credit union with natural members in America. All its members are not-for-profit organizations. All members enjoy exactly the same privileges. To give you the most effective service, the State Employees’ Credit Union has supplied higher rates, lower rates on loans and lower fees on particular financial services and products since it had been set up.


    1. You need to offer a few of your own personal information, and to have access to the internet connection. 2. You must be a retired worker or existing Federal worker, working in combination with State departments or the State of North Carolina, or member of the immediate family.


Step By Step Guide

    1. Open the webpage, and go to the web site of the State Employees’ Credit Union registration (see associated link 1 below). 2. Input your 16-digit ATM/Debit card number, as well as the 3-digit voice reply number. 3. See the Terms and Conditions, and tick “I’ve read and accept the Conditions recorded above” in the event you would like to continue together with the registration. 4. You should begin your amazing journey with SECU instantly once you’ve eventually become an associate of the State Employees’ Credit Union!

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