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The citation receiver simply enters their citation number as well as license plate number to the web site and she or he is going to be given entry to her or his video. This can be carried out to clarify any questions about why they’ve received the citation.

No one enjoys finding a traffic ticket, particularly if you are not certain of what you’re becoming mentioned for. Should you get a citation, it is possible to visit this site and readily and fast access the red light camera video of your vehicle perpetrating the infraction.

These videos are subsequently cross referenced with license plate records. Traffic citations are sent to the individual who is filed for that license plate after a misdemeanor is filmed.

How do you see your red light infraction video?

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    1. A computer with access to the internet. 2. You need to have gotten a traffic citation in the email having a citation number inside. 3. You need to have your car license plate number.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Visit the Redflex Traffic Systems Photonotice. com web site at associated link 1 below. 2. Put in your citation number as it seems on your own traffic citation in addition to your license number and city code to the needed fields and after that click the button marked, “Login.” 3. Get your traffic infraction video. 4. To pay your traffic citation deal or fees please follow any directions given. 5. For those who have some questions about using Photonotice. com or getting your traffic infraction video, please reference the Photonotice. com FAQ at associated link 2 below.

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