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myfloridacounty, logoMy Florida County is the State of Florida’s on-line application enabling Florida residents to conveniently and rapidly perform payments and processing traffic tickets, and also make requests and files. Now you can also make payments with debit cards, credit cards or electronic checks. After payment is created to the machine, you may get an immediate confirmation of the successful transaction.

These types of tasks used to be time consuming and often demanded going to offices standing in long lines, and filling out a variety of official forms which were always difficult to understand.

The State comes with an on-line program that simplifies processing tasks and all these payments and permits you do everything you must do from your house, if you need in either English or Spanish. Learn how and take pleasure in the brand-new My Florida County system’s ease., Florida

How can you Make Payments at My Florida County?


1. You need to possess a personal computer with access to the internet.

Step By Step Guide

    2. Visit the My Florida County web site (associated link 1). 3. If you want to make use of the Spanish edition of the site, click the button in the top right hand corner of the display marked, “en Espanol.” 4. Follow the method suggested in each display based on your own situation, amount and county that is appropriate. 5. You’ll get an immediate confirmation after you have made your online payment.

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