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ADPAbout ADP Retirement Services and ADP

ADP means Automatic Data Processing, which can be a human resources outsourcing corporation, specializing in company and computer needs. ADP offers services including payroll and HR direction to assist in administration and tax. ADP Retirement Services is a combined retirement service program between companies and ADP.


The ADP Retirement web site is a web-based resource where users can handle their retirement plans online. As long you also take part in the retirement plan and as your company comes with an arrangement your company offers, you can make use of the services they offer and can visit the website.


    1. You must have a pc with access to the internet. 2. You must take part in the retirement plan of your company. 3. ADP must manage your company’s retirement plan.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Visit the retirement plan web site at https://www. mykplan. com/participantsecure_net/TermsAndConditions. aspx. 2. See the terms and conditions and after that click the button marked “I agree”. 3. Once you log in, you can check your private information can change your password and run other retirement plan direction online.

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