How to File An Asurion Phone Claim?


asurionHave you lost your telephone? Have you ever purchased Wireless Cell phone Protection? Good news, it is now possible to submit a claim for the lost telephone via Asurion Telephone Claim service. It is very fast and reliable service. You can your phone replacement quite shortly upon acceptance.

What exactly is Asurion Wireless Cellphone Protection?

Asurion is the international technology protection business that is leading from the front. As a third party insurance agency, insurance coverage can be provided by Asurion for the wireless apparatus. Asurion Cell phone service intends to provide speedy, simple, handy and rapid on-line telephone service for customers according to their demands and expectations.

You will need to provide general information, incident details, apparatus details, shipping address, payment process, review, to finish /submit.



    1. You should had purchased Asurion Wireless Telephone Protection for the telephone and possess a number. 2. You must file your claim within 60 days for the lost telephone.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Visit Asurion Cellphone Claim web site (associated link 1) within 60 days. 2. Click “Begin Now” to begin your claim. 3. Choose your wireless carrier.

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