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LMI_logos_new_RGBNo matter you happen to be requiring for distant support, remote management, or private or company remote access, LogMeIn has a product which will match your needs fairly nicely.

LogMeIn Rescue is a simple – to-use and strong remote support option for LogMeIn users. LogMeIn technician can be accessed by using the distant support service if you’re now having some difficulties for your computer or other devices.


About LogMeIn

LogMeIn is firm that was set up in Budapest, Hungary. Headquartered in Wolburn, Massachusetts, US, it offers software as a service-based cooperation, remote connectivity, and support options to companies and consumers.

The LogMeIn remote access products utilize a remote desktop protocol that is proprietary transmitted via SSL, and customers can get to remote desktops utilizing a web portal or using either the LogMeIn Ignition standalone program.


How do you Join for Distant Support Services to LogMeIn Teches?


    1. You must make sure that you’ve got signed up to get a trial and you happen to be logged in to your account. 2. You must get the Tech Games Console running in a browser that is supported. 3. You created your PIN code and need to get started a fresh session.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Look at the web site of LogMeIn. com at associated link 1 below. 2. Then you could view a dialogue box. 3. You then can begin access and the Saving Applet to some LogMeIn tech that will help you with all the issues your are encountering with your PC or other portable devices. 4. See the getting started guide at associated link for LogMeIn Rescue 2 below. 5. Find out about LogMeIn Rescue works at associated link 3.

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