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The business now belongs to Earthlink. Initially, the organization would fund the selling to its customers in addition to web service plans, but has shifted their business model to only supply low cost internet service

How do you check to find out if high speed DSL service can be found in your region with PeoplePC?

PeoplePC offers a service to visitors of its own web site. It is a website which allows them to immediately assess the access to high speed DSL service within their region. If high speed DSL is accessible, the visitor may subsequently decide to subscribe from PeoplePC to internet service. The procedure is extremely easy to finish and takes just a minute approximately.

PeoplePC make it simple toget you begin online and to locate a service locally.



    1. A computer with access to the internet. 2. You have to be in America.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Visit the PeoplePC web site at link that is associated 1 under. 2. Run your mouse on the menu tab near the very top of the page which is tagged, “High Speed Internet.” This can give rise to a drop down type to seem. 3. Please reference the PeoplePC Support Center at associated link 2 under, for those who have some questions regarding utilizing the PeoplePC web site or its services.

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