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mibridgesWhat’s MI Bridges?

MI Bridges is an online service hosted to ease the application of advantages for men and women in need.

As a beneficiary, you’ll be given a debit card. Your gains will likely be transferred to the card on a monthly basis. And it can be used at a large number of ATMs and retailers.

In the event you are having a difficult time economically and live in the state of Michigan, you should think about applying for benefits, including Energy Services, Food Assistance, or others.



    1. You must really have a pc with access to the internet. 2. You should be from Michigan.

Step By Step Guide

    1. Visit the MI Bridges web site (associated link 1 below). 2. In the event you are eligible, click the round button marked “Apply for Gains!” to begin. 3. Tick the radio button prior to the primary choice, then click the button marked “Next” in the underside. 4. Follow directions to make an account. 5. Follow directions to finish the program. 6. After finished, wait for the coming of your Michigan Bridge Card.



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